A Composer to Look Out For

I was fortunate to run into Mark while looking for a composer for my short film, Ergophobia. I had decided on another composer prior to hearing Mark’s music, but then he sent me an opening score that blew away all the other samples I received. The decision wasn’t as easy now. I ended up choosing the other composer, based on his score for the first half of the film, but Mark was gracious enough to let me keep his opening melody for the start of the credits.
No doubt, Mark Peter Royce is a composer to watch out for, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a score. It was a pleasure working with him and I look forward to working with him again!

Jai Brandon
Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, Director
Reel Life Magic Productions

Mark Peter Royce .. BEST CHOICE !

Mark ist ein Mensch, dessen Begeisterung für Musik schnell abfärbt.
Ich durfte Ihn im Rahmen unseres ersten gemeinsamen Films, für den er den gesamten Score geschrieben hat, kennenlernen. Schnell habe ich mich durch seine Begeisterung für Musik mitreißen lassen. Vom ersten Moment an war mir klar .. dieser Mann macht das was er liebt. Und das spürt man förmlich mit jeder Note die er schreibt.

Ich habe Mark als ausgesprochen professionellen sowie facettenreichen Komponisten und … was mir als Produzent und Regisseur ungeheuer wichtig ist … als unglaublich zuverlässigen Menschen kennengelernt. Ich kann mich an keine Situation erinnern in der eine Deadline nicht eingehalten wurde oder es zu Verzögerungen gekommen ist.

Arbeiten mit Mark ist immer wieder ein angenehmes wie auch schönes kreative Erlebnis.
Und wenn das alles nicht schon genug wäre .. nein .. dieser Mann ist auch noch ein richtig netter Kerl.

Cheers, Mark !

Bernhard Weber
Director / Producer

I was looking for something epic and I found it

I had been working on a live-action film with one or two composers who I felt had failed to deliver what I was looking for. Mark approached my needs and those of the film with a client-centric work attitude that meant conveying my ideas became easy. I was asking for a lot, a climactic score that wove together the entire film. Mark delivered stunningly with a work that had enormous emotive impact both for the production team and audiences alike.

Kenan Demirsay

He does it right

I worked with Mark several times, it has always been a pleasure.
He is open for discussion and different points of view, though never lacking his own opinion.
His composition skills are highly developed and he has a very good sense for sound and atmosphere.
It was a pleasure to work with the material I received from him, he is an absolutely hard working guy.
I never had the feeling that I have to invest time in my work because he hasn´t got it right.
Everything was always on the point.
I hope we will work on more projects together in the future!”

Kurt Richter
Freelancing Sound Engineer and Producer, Head of Audio at Tools At WORK


We got to know Mark some time ago, having remarked upon the quality of his work in the field of modern popular music. We subsequently asked Mark to join our composer and production team and he has been an asset ever since. He has contributed immensely to our music for media projects, including scoring bespoke music for the Volkstheater Vienna stage, advertising jingles and short film soundtracks. We fully endorse Mark as a qualified and professional addition to any film project.”

Build a Bridge Music
Music for Theater, Film & Televisual Media