Standard Deluxe

Vienna’s Freshest Background Music

Welcome to the portal for Standard Deluxe, a collective of experienced music entertainers with an inexhaustible repertoire of light music ‘Standards’.

What is a ‘Standard’?

Standards are a type of song or tune that is characteristically instantly recognisable; well known jazzy tunes from the pinnacle of America’s 20th Century songbook: think Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, showtunes from Broadway… perfect background music and light entertainment for your event.

What kind of events do you play?

Standard Deluxe is the perfect band to book to play background music for the following events and parties:

  • Wedding Celebrations (Agapen)
  • Champagne Receptions (Sekt Empfänge)
  • Baptisms/Confirmations/Bar Mitzvahs
  • Office Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations, e.g. Brunches
  • Exhibitions/Vernissagen
  • Ball Lounge Room Entertainment

What instruments can I expect?

Comprising of a number of professional musicians, we can tailor our constellation to your requirements; from piano/percussion duos to full band with guitar, contra-bass, saxophone, stringed instruments… the possibilities are limited only by your budget. All our musicians are well excellent performers, elegantly presented and discrete in their set up and dismantling.