Regrets of the Past is FINISHED!


The team at Pellicula Film have finished their latest project, ‘Regrets of the Past’, the much talked about Austrian Star Wars Fan-Film set in George Lucas’ fantasy universe, taking place in the time frame between episodes III and IV and adhering closely to the SW lore.. The story is a space opera, following new characters in their struggle against the newly established Empire.13495580_1020803384693956_7375388331695403538_o

We celebrated our premiere at the Gartenbau Kino on Vienna’s Parkring back in June, the theatre was packed out (actually there were more guests invited than available seats!) but it was a resounding success and everyone was happy with the result.  The project has taken over four years to complete and has been a labour of love for so many professionals from the local Austrian film industry.

I  myself had a great time whilst working on the score, I made many new friends and connections, it was a blast! The film is about to undergo an English synchonisation, then it will make a tour of film festivals. In the meantime, you can check out a taster of my soundtrack here:

Prebirth – The Eternal War

In summer I scored the soundtrack to Prebirth – The Eternal War,
an otherworldly thriller directed by Josh Jackson & Brian M. Tang about angels and demons battling over unborn souls.

Following in depth discussions with the director, I began by scoring a few musical themes for the characters, motifs that supported their emotional state, then combined it with a sound palette that reinforced the connection between the two worlds. I used a fair amount of bespoke sound design; choir manipulation, drum builds, some electric guitar (courtesy of Patrick O.Beck), to pack a punch at certain key points, remaining in close contact with the directors throughout to ensure my score supported their creative vision and met their expectations.

The score was mixed and mastered at Studio Kroess, Vienna by Kurt Richter (Sound Distillery).


I’m very pleased to learn that the prize winning short film, ‘Leben – Touching Life’ has been very well received on the international film festival circuit, having been shown at twenty six festivals around the world, from the UK to Chile, Romania to Spain. Together with Patrick O. Beck, we composed and produced the soundtrack for the film in a little under a week, and my endless thanks go to our band, ‘Die Digitale Immigranten’ who so marvelously performed the soundtrack under extreme pressure (from me, on industrial strength painkillers as I had just had my wisdom teeth removed).

The film’s <a href=”” target=”_blank”>website</a> has more information about the festival selections and awards, and <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Die Digitale Immigranten</a> can be found on Facebook.