Regrets of the Past Soundtrack – Choir Recording

The team at Pellicula Film have made another webisode about the production of their upcoming Star Wars Fan Film, ‘Regrets of the Past’, for which I am scoring the soundtrack. Early in the score development I spoke to the director, Bernhard Weber, about my plans to record willing members of the cast and crew singing together as a choir to feature in the soundtrack.

In the end we managed to attract attention from around thirty willing choir singers, and after a shaky start I succeeded in getting some very usable results.

We premiere RotP in just under a month at the Gartenbau Kino in Vienna’s first district, the city’s largest and most prestigious cinema. Stay tuned for more details.

‘Stupid’ – James Cottriall New Single

Following on from his previously successful albums, James released his 3rd studio album in 2015, entitled ‘Common Ground’. I am proud to say that I contributed to a number of tracks on the album, which was a trans-atlantic effort involving a host of talented musicians and technicians either side of the pond. ‘Stupid is one of the tracks that we worked on together at Lords of the Sounds studios in Michelhausen, Austria in summer last year, it turned out great. Here’s the video which James’ team shot in Malibu, LA. ‘Stupid’ is available for download on iTunes here.

Ich Seh, Ich Seh (Rescoring), submission for ÖKB Filmpreis 2016

Another year, another competition entry to the annual Austrian Composer Society Filmscoring competition.

Film clip provided is taken from the 2014 Austrian Feature, ‘Ich Seh, Ich Seh’ (eng. Goodnight Mommy), a mystery thriller. I orchestrated the rescoring for I arranged the score for piano, dulcimer (hackbrett), string quartet, contrabass, treated piano, bassoon and oboe. I also resampled the nursery rhyme sung by the lead actress and recorded an old music box which I also cut up and sampled.
The rights remain with the respected copyright holders.


The Dark Valley (rescoring)

Here is my entry for the WKB Film Music competition 2015 (Viennese Composer Society). The given clip is from ‘Das Finstere Tal’ (The Dark Valley), an Austro/German production directed by Andreas Prochaska. I decided to score the clip with a small ensemble in mind, piano, cello, viola, flute and minimal percussion, whilst keeping true to Austrian folk music devices, as exemplified by the canon structure, voicings and certain cadences.