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Film Soundtrack Composition & Production

Recent Projects

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Peter Granqvist and Kajsa Rhodin produced the following film, ‘lēTHēən’ (Lethean), a mood piece about the river of the same name in Greek mythology, the river of forgetfulness. Peter approached me to score a fitting soundtrack for the film, it … Read More

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Pleased to announce that I’ve teamed up once again with Tim Glover, the American director whose film ‘Esrever’ I scored a few years back. Tim is a fantastic director, very inventive and he always comes up with fascinating stories. His … Read More

Regrets of the Past – Online
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So, after a successful tour of Austrian, German and Swiss cinemas and conventions, the Austrian produced Star Wars fan-film, ‘Regrets of the Past’ is now available to watch online, via Youtube, both in OV and English dubbed versions. Both feature … Read More

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A series of film clips from projects I’ve scored and produced soundtracks for, showcasing my approach to film scoring. I like to blend electronic music production with classical orchestration, taking the chance to record real musicians, wherever possible and budget … Read More

Samurai Warfare (Trailer)
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Those busy chaps over at Pellicula Film (Vienna, AT) have produced a teaser trailer for their upcoming film, ‘Samurai Warfare’, a Samurai and Shinobi adventure set in feudal Japan. The film is currently in post production and I am booked … Read More

Regrets of the Past Soundtrack – Choir Recording
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The team at Pellicula Film have made another webisode about the production of their upcoming Star Wars Fan Film, ‘Regrets of the Past’, for which I am scoring the soundtrack. Early in the score development I spoke to the director, … Read More

‘Stupid’ – James Cottriall New Single
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Following on from his previously successful albums, James released his 3rd studio album in 2015, entitled ‘Common Ground’. I am proud to say that I contributed to a number of tracks on the album, which was a trans-atlantic effort involving … Read More

Ich Seh, Ich Seh (Rescoring), submission for ÖKB Filmpreis 2016
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Another year, another competition entry to the annual Austrian Composer Society Filmscoring competition. Film clip provided is taken from the 2014 Austrian Feature, ‘Ich Seh, Ich Seh’ (eng. Goodnight Mommy), a mystery thriller. I orchestrated the rescoring for I arranged … Read More

The Dark Valley (rescoring)
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Here is my entry for the WKB Film Music competition 2015 (Viennese Composer Society). The given clip is from ‘Das Finstere Tal’ (The Dark Valley), an Austro/German production directed by Andreas Prochaska. I decided to score the clip with a … Read More